Sue Burrell Presents on Ineffective Representation

YLC Staff Attorney Sue Burrell spoke at the April 27, 2012, Symposium on Ineffective Representation at Loyola Law School’s Center for Juvenile Law & Policy. With Michael Lightfoot and Steve Drizin, Sue explored the components of ineffective representation in delinquency cases. She presented research on problems in the profession that contribute to inadequate representation, including […]

Posted Monday, April 30th, 2012

YLC Takes Part in Alphabet Soup Training

The Youth Law Center joined with Brian Blalock at Bay Area Legal Aid to provide training on benefits for children in foster care at the Family Resource Network in Oakland on April 11. The training is part of YLC’s Alphabet Soup series and covered AFDC-FC (foster care benefits), Kin-GAP (Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payments), AAP (Adoption […]

Posted Tuesday, April 17th, 2012