Action & Litigation

This page briefly describes major areas of work in which YLC is currently or has recently been engaged. 


Services & Community Alternatives

One of the Youth Law Center’s basic values holds that children are best served in their home communities where family support is easier; connection to a broader range of services is possible; and disruption is less pronounced than in institutional settings.

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Aging Out & Transition

Youth placed in out-of-home care through the juvenile court experience many transitions. While in care, youth move from placement to placement and ultimately return home, transition to another permanency option or emancipate from the system to independence.

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Representation & Court Process

The Youth Law Center works to assure that the rights of young people in the juvenile court system are protected and that they have access to skilled, knowledgeable legal counsel.

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Juvenile Institutional Conditions

With more than three decades of experience in institutional litigation, involvement in developing facility standards, and responding to conditions questions and complaints, Youth Law Center staff are national experts on juvenile conditions of confinement law.

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Quality Foster Care

YLC works to ensure that children placed in out-of-home care live in safe, nurturing and healthy environments. Children who have been removed from abusive and neglectful homes and placed in foster care have a right to live in placements free of abuse and neglect.

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Youth Tried as Adults

One of Youth Law Center’s basic goals is to prevent or reduce the handling of juveniles in the adult criminal justice system.  Adult court handling flies in the face of our fundamental belief that children and the community are better served when children receive habilitative services and support that enable them to move successfully forward in their lives.

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For more of our initiatives from spanning our 30+ years of activity, see our Past Actions and Past Litigation.