Over the years, YLC has engaged in a great many projects aimed at improving specific aspects of the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. YLC has also pursued dozens of lawsuits aimed at improving conditions and treatment of children in jails, detention centers, training schools and other settings; providing access to needed services; and assuring fairness in the way children are treated in the justice system.  This section includes many of the Youth Law Center’s past projects and lawsuits, going back to 1978.  Our more current work is included in the Action and Litigation section.


Past Action

This section includes the records of past YLC projects aimed at improving public systems for vulnerable children.  It includes projects aimed at developing better services for babies and young children, strengthening foster care systems, and improving data collection in juvenile justice.

Past Litigation

This section includes the records of YLC lawsuits challenging the treatment of children in a range of institutional settings, including jails, detention centers, training schools, shelters, and non-traditional settings such as hospitals.  It also includes YLC cases brought to assure access of children to health, mental health care, education and special education services.  And finally, it includes YLC cases brought to assure fairness in juvenile court settings and in the handling of juvenile cases by law enforcement.

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