Infants and Toddlers in Group Care

Youth Law Center has long worked to reduce the use of group care as a temporary or emergency placement for children under six in the child welfare system, to eliminate the use of group care for children age 3 and under, and to discourage the creation of new congregate care facilities for infants and young children.


The Youth Law Center has already begun a project to implement best practices for infants and toddlers in foster care in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In Phoenix, the agency has appointed a staff person to direct the effort and planning has begun. Las Vegas has drastically reduced the number of children under six in their shelter.


In the future, the Youth Law Center aims to learn and share best practices in providing out-of-home care to these children, including staff and foster parent training support; to engage in a planning process in five sites to improve services to infants and young children; and to develop plans for improve services.


Funding for this project is made possible by a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.