The Youth Law Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by contributions from foundations, corporations, law firms, business groups, government agencies, and concerned individuals like you. Whether you have time and talent, dollars and cents, or stocks and bonds to give, you can make a real difference!


Cash Contributions

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Amazon has recently launched a new program called AmazonSmile, where you can sign up for your favorite charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases.  Please support YLC by selecting us as your favorite non-profit —


Workplace Donations

Payroll deduction is a simple and cost-effective way to support YLC throughout the year. Federal Employees will find us on the Human Services Charities of America Campaign website of the Combined Federal Campaign, the largest workplace giving campaign in the world. You can designate your contributions to CFC CODE 11609.


We also participate in workplace giving for state, county, city, and university employees in Neighbor to Nation.


In Florida, state employees can make donations to the Youth Law Center through the Florida State Employees Charitable Campaign (FSECC) by designating us on their pledge cards.  YLC’s code for this campaign is 7031.   In California, state employees can make donations to Youth Law Center through the California State Employees Charitable Charitable Campaign (CSECC).  YLC’s code for this campaign is 1544.


If your company has a United Way campaign or other workplace giving campaign, you may be able to designate your gift to the Youth Law Center on the appropriate place on your pledege card.


Employer Matching Gifts

Many corporations and firms offer to match their employees’ gifts to non-profit organizations.  You can double, or even triple the power of your gift by applying for matching funds through your company.


Appreciated Stock

Contributions of appreciated stock can help vulnerable children and provide a significant tax deduction at the same time.&nbsp; To transfer shares, please fill out<a href=”transfershares.htm”> this form</a> and send to your financial institution.


Planned Giving/Bequests

Name the Youth Law Center as a beneficiary in your will or work with your attorney to set up a charitable trust.  You can also name YLC as a primary or alternative beneficiary on your life insurance policy or in your retirement plan.


Cy Pres Awards

The Youth Law Center (YLC) welcomes nominations for cy pres awards.  Under the doctrine of cy pres, unclaimed settlement funds from class-action lawsuits may be distributed to  organizations meeting designated criteria, and California law specifically identifies “child advocacy programs” as appropriate cy pres recipients.  (California Code of Civil Procedure §384(b).)


YLC is an ideal organization for cy pres consideration.  Through our nonprofit organization, we use our legal skills to protect children in the nation’s foster care and juvenile justice systems from abuse and neglect, and to ensure that they receive the support and services needed to become healthy and productive adults.  Our efforts on behalf of vulnerable children serve a public good that meets the requirements of cy pres awards in a broad range of cases.  Please see the  Mission and Vision and Action and Litigation sections for further background about our work, and contact us for information about previous cy pres awards.


Questions about donating to YLC? Contact Robin Bishop, (415) 543-3379, ext. 3913,