Unsung Heroes Event

Each year, the Youth Law Center recognizes people who have made a difference in the lives of our clients during the past year at its Unsung Heroes Event.


Youth Law Center established the Loren Warboys Unsung Hero Awards to honor Loren Warboys, who joined the staff of the Youth Law Center in 1979 and became Managing Director in 1994.  Loren was a nationally recognized expert on education and mental health services for children in the juvenile justice system.  He was a brilliant attorney whose efforts were fueled by a deisre to assure that children in public systems are treated fairly and are able to maximize their potential.   Sadly, he succumbed to leukemia in December, 1999.


The Loren Warboys Unsung Hero Awards and annual event are funded through individual event sponsors.  In keeping with the spirit of the event, attendance is free.  To register to attend this year’s event or if you would like to support the event click here. 


2017 Unsung Heroes Honorees

This year’s honorees have helped strengthen families and improve the lives of children and youth involved in the nation’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems. It is our pleasure to honor:


Project Change

San Mateo Community College District leaders Katie Bliss, Ron Galatolo, Tom Mohr

Funded by the San Mateo Community College District, Project Change invests in the futures and potential of youth involved in the juvenile justice system–both those in detention and on campus–by providing higher educational opportunities and comprehensive support.  In January 2018, YLC will co-host an event with Project Change to convene higher education and probation leaders interested in sharing strategies, programming, and accelerating work that interrupts the school to prison pipeline and opens the door to a brighter future for all young people.


Shonda and Everett Emery

Foster Parents Stanislaus County and family

Shonda and Everett demonstrate how loving parents can transform the life of foster youth. They treat all teens who live in their home as their own, nurture their relationships with biological family, and tirelessly advocate for their education to make sure they are prepared for the future and the world. Shonda and Everett exemplify the true intervention that foster care can offer and have served as powerful role models during the launch of Calaveras County, CA’s Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI), YLC’s system change strategy that re-orients the foster care system to ensure every youth receives real parenting and love. Read more about Shonda here.

Heidi Foreman

Marketing and Strategy Consultant

Heidi has been working with client teams to build consumer goods and services brands in Fortune 1000 companies for more than two decades. Since the launch of QPI in Florida 9 years ago, Heidi has donated her time and expertise to help child welfare agencies and QPI partners to understand the power of a brand as a promise about parenting to children and families. With Heidi’s assistance, QPI sites across 10 states have been working towards aligning their policy and practice with their brands and promise to ensure every youth receives the parenting they need.

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