CA Academic Senate passes resolution to include juvenile justice-involved youth in equity plans

Last week, the California Community College State Academic Senate Committee passed a resolution to include youth with juvenile justice involvement in the state’s list of designated populations to be served by community college equity funds. This change means that the Academic Senate Committee supports community colleges including juvenile justice involved youth in their equity plans […]

YLC featured in new SF Chronicle investigative report

“If they’re concerned about safety in the home, I’m not sure how that leads to the conclusion that you should lock up the child,” said Meredith Desautels, a staff attorney at the Youth Law Center in San Francisco, which advocates for juvenile justice reforms. “Separating someone from their family at that moment of crisis seems […]

Important Update: Date Change for 20th Annual Unsung Heroes

Important update: we’ve changed the date for our 20th Annual Unsung Heroes Awards! Please join us on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at Salesforce in San Francisco. This special event is an opportunity to celebrate the everyday champions who rarely receive the public recognition they deserve but who make a tremendous difference in the lives of […]