Victory! Alameda County Cancels $75 Million Plan to Rebuild Alameda County Youth Detention Camp

As a result of advocacy by YLC and other community organizations and advocacy organizations who comprise the Free Our Kids Coalition, Alameda County has cancelled plans to spend $75 million to rebuild its 100-bed juvenile probation camp, Camp Sweeney. Like many jurisdictions across the nation, Alameda County’s juvenile probation practices continue to criminalize children of color. Public data indicates […]

Victory! Senate Bill 912 Moves Forward

Senate Bill 912, co-sponsored by YLC and authored by Senator Jim Beall, is continuing to move forward in the Assembly after passing unanimously out of the Senate. This bill would allow youth to continue participating in extended foster care during a California state of emergency, even if they turn 21 or no longer meet the participation requirements and allows […]

Victory! CA Governor Signs Budget to Extend Foster Care

Advocacy from YLC and other advocate partners to create a lifeline for youth in foster care who were imminently facing a 21st birthday and potential homelessness during this pandemic has resulted in a major victory! California Governor Newsom has signed the Budget Act of 2020, which includes $32 million to allow youth to remain in extended foster care until June 30, 2021, as long as […]

A Just and Loving Future for Black Children

The world is finally listening to the powerful calls from Black leaders for justice and radical change in our police and criminal justice systems and an end to systemic racism. The response must not overlook the need for reform in child welfare and juvenile justice systems that have long taken the lives and childhoods of […]

Webinar for Six Immediate Steps for THP-Plus Stability

YLC, John Burton Advocates for Youth and Bay Area Legal Aid  provided virtual training to California agencies outlining six steps counties can take to extend THP-Plus housing and services or access alternative housing resources to support youth during the crisis, so they do not exit THP-Plus at risk of homelessness and without a safe place to shelter in place […]

Over 1,000 Join YLC for First Ever National Virtual QPI Conference

At the end of May, YLC hosted it’s first ever virtual Quality Parenting Initiative National Conference, focusing on sustaining a relationship based system during challenging times. Our 1,000+ conference participants (more than double our largest QPI conference!) took part in masterclasses led by nationally regarded child and adolescent development experts, breakout sessions featuring practical best practices from […]