December 20, 2004

Press Release re Ohio Conditions Lawsuit

Children’s Advocates File Suit against Ohio over Abuse of Girls at Scioto

Lawsuit cites abysmal state record of civil rights violations,
abusive and inhumane treatment

Cincinnati, Ohio – Today, the Children’s Law Center, the Youth Law Center, and the firm of Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz LLP of Cincinnati filed a civil rights class action lawsuit against the state of Ohio for civil and human rights abuses of girls at the Ohio Department of Youth Services Scioto facility in Delaware County, Ohio. Issues cited in the complaint include: physical, verbal and sexual abuse by guards; failure by the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS) to adequately respond to and protect girls from abuse; and inadequate mental health and health care services.

“The physical, sexual and verbal abuse of girls by guards at the Scioto facility must stop now,” says Kim Brooks Tandy, Executive Director of the Children’s Law Center based in Covington, Kentucky and co-counsel on the lawsuit. “We’re seeking legal remedies after exhausting all other possibilities to require ODYS to comply with the law. These girls deserve to be treated humanely and we want to ensure that they do not fear for their physical and emotional safety from staff entrusted with their care.”

“The Ohio Department of Youth Services has failed to take appropriate action to remedy these serious violations despite repeated complaints by girls and advocates as well as the Departments’ own experts’ reports confirming the abuses and deficiencies in care and treatment” says Youth Law Center attorney and co-counsel Maria Ramiu. “The ODYS has taken an approach to juvenile justice that undermines and circumvents its legal obligation to provide rehabilitation and treatment, and instead utilizes a failed adult correctional warehouse model that has proven to be ineffective and creates a fertile environment for abuse.”

According to the FY 2004 ODYS annual report, the 162 girls committed to the ODYS comprise approximately 9.4% of the youth offender population in Ohio. The Scioto facility is the state’s only juvenile correctional facility for girls in the state of Ohio and according to ODYS, the average length of stay is 10.4 months at a cost of approximately $49,296 per girl. Under Ohio state law, the Ohio Department of Youth Services is required to provide for the care, protection, mental and physical development of committed youth, protect the public interest and safety, to hold the offender accountable for the offender’s actions, to restore the victim, and to rehabilitate the offender.

Earlier this year, Department of Youth Services (DYS) Secretary Geno Natalucci-Persichetti requested that juvenile corrections expert Fred Cohen, Esq., investigate allegations of mistreatment of girls at the Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility. In August, Cohen issued a 77-page report documenting the treatment of girls, and in September issued an action plan to address the issues. Since the findings were issued, DYS Secretary Geno Natalucci-Persichetti, the Scioto Facility Administrator, Leroy Payton, have resigned and five guards have been indicted on criminal charges.

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