April 4, 2011

Corene Kendrick - Guest Teacher at San Quentin State Prison

Staff Attorney Corene Kendrick was a guest teacher on April 3, 2011 for a class at San Quentin State Prison, through the Prison University Project. She spoke about the push-out of children from schools to the juvenile justice system to a “Mass Incarceration in the United States” class comprised of a mix of prisoners and Stanford University graduate students. The College Program at San Quentin is the central project of the Prison University Project, an extension site of Patten University, an accredited independent university in Oakland, California. It provides approximately 19 college courses each semester in the humanities, social sciences, math and science, as well as intensive college preparatory courses in math and English, to approximately 300 men at San Quentin. All faculty in the Program work as volunteers, and because no state or federal funding is available for prison higher education in California, the Program is supported entirely by the Prison University Project through donations from individuals and foundations.

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