March 29, 2013

Email Re San Bernardino Co. Baby Elmo Project

Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2013 4:00 PM
Subject: A Daddy’s Love

Every once in a while, there’s a moment for those of us who work with children in which it allows you to walk on air, even if just for a few moments. Today, there was such a moment. A boy entered juvenile hall long ago; this father from 4C, by name only, asked to see his infant son. He was given lessons and mentorship on parenting in the Baby Elmo Program. Through these lessons, he became a Dad. While most of the world uses these words interchangeably, they are far from being the same. Minor has transformed from being a father into being a true Dad. He struggled and worked very hard at learning how to improve his relationship with his son each visit. As luck would have it, those who gave the teen father the gift of learning how to be a Dad were able to provide him with even more today. His son turned one year old this week. Two PCOs saw fit to provide this young man a proper birthday party for his son. The event was amazing. In this dark place of dissention and despair, the father learned from these two wonderful women how to be a Dad; he took part in planning the party, sending out invitations, wrapping gifts, planning a meal and hosting the party. These are not just parenting lessons for the father, but life long memories and relationships of trust that he is able to build with our staff. I wanted to take a moment to truly thank the staff for not only their efforts, but their caring and kind attitudes when working with minors. They are truly to be commended for what they provided to the father, as well as other minors each day at CVJDAC. I will leave you with this comment from the father himself, “I know it was only for an hour, but I’m telling you it was like I wasn’t even at the Hall.”