September 29, 2009


Marquez v Calif. Dept. of Health Care Services - Filed

The Youth Law Center, along with other legal advocates, have filed a lawsuit challenging California Medi-Cal policies that deny necessary medical care to children who have other health care coverage (OHC) when the other coverage does not provide the health care services the child needs. Medi-Cal policy requires individuals to use other available health care coverage before relying on Medi-Cal, but the lawsuit alleges the California Department of Health Care Services does not determine whether services are actually available through the OHC before denying Medi-Cal coverage. The lawsuit, filed September 25, 2009 in San Francisco Superior Court, seeks changes in Medi-Cal policy to ensure that children are able to get the critical health care services they need. The petitioners are represented by Bay Area Legal Aid, Lucy Quacinella, Esq., Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, and the Western Center on Law and Poverty, in addition to the Youth Law Center.

Download copy of the petition.