May 2, 2020

May is National Foster Care Month

May is #NationalFosterCareMonth. Every day, but in particular during the 31 days in May, we aim to recognize the 400,000+ young people in our country’s child welfare system. COVID19 has changed our world and our daily way of life, and for young people in our child welfare system, these changes are potentially devastating. Now more than ever, it is urgent that all children and youth are safe, healthy and connected to those that love them.

During this time of crisis, we at YLC are continuing to honor the individual stories and experiences of each young person, to advocate for their unique needs so that they are able to thrive, and to work across sectors to create the systems that we know will uplift youth and their families. We cannot do this work alone and we are so grateful for the excellent foster families who care for our young people as if they were their own children, for our fellow advocates who tirelessly and relentlessly pursue justice for our youth, and for the young people who entrust us with their lives, hopes, and dreams.

Thank you for joining us in standing up for youth and supporting us as we work to create a world where all young people have the opportunity to thrive.