January 20, 2022


New YLC Publication: THP-NMD - An Advocacy Guide to Preventing Involuntary Exits

YLC has created a new resource, THP-NMD: An Advocacy Guide to Preventing Involuntary Exits, developed after young adults reported being exited prematurely from their transitional housing programs, sometimes without notice or proper process. Our new advocacy guide summarizes the legal protections that young adults have–both as former foster youth and as tenants–to remain in THP-NMD programs and stay housed. The guide also contains advocacy checklists, practice scenarios, and links to other relevant resources. The new publication is a companion piece to a similar and related guide YLC published in the fall of 2020 related to the THP-Plus housing program – that guide can be found here. Whether you specialize in housing law, youth law, or another area of advocacy, we hope that this new guide arms you with additional information and strategies to prevent homelessness among vulnerable young adults.