January 10, 2017

YLC Welcomes Lucy Salcido Carter and Becky Wildman-Tobriner

The Youth Law Center is pleased to announce the hiring of our newest staff members: Lucy Salcido Carter and Becky Wildman-Tobriner.  Lucy joined the YLC staff in December 2016 to serve as policy advocate to provide policy leadership and support to a wide range of YLC efforts including the Quality Parenting Initiative, grant-funded projects, and legislative reforms. Lucy has worked with nonprofits, public agencies, foundations, education institutions, and law firms for the past 25 years to advocate for better laws, improve public systems, enhance communications, and implement innovative programs and policies for a wide range of issues including child welfare, violence prevention, higher education, racial equity, and criminal justice.

Becky joined the Youth Law Center in January 2017 as a Ralph Santiago Abascal Fellow.  Her work will center on improving health and wellness outcomes for young people transitioning from the child welfare or juvenile justice system into adulthood and independence, with an aim of increasing access to wellness and higher education.

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