Resources mentioned in the January 31, 2024 On the Threshold of Change Virtual Conversation


Resources mentioned in the January 31, 2024 On the Threshold of Change Virtual Conversation
A signal is typically a small or local innovation or practice that has the potential to grow in scale. Signals can be glimmers in the present of the future we want to see and create. Below are some of the signals of an extended foster care of the future that we can work together to build that were mentioned in the webinar on January 31st.
Legislation Referenced
Representatives Chu and Houchin introduced HR 7010, the Increasing Access to Extended Care Act this month. Among other things, this bill would remove the participation requirements (school, work, etc) and would extend foster care through a youth’s 21st year. You can find the bill here.
Information on Guaranteed Income Programs and Research
Launched in 2022, the Guaranteed Income (GI) Pilot Dashboard shares data from over 30 GI pilots across the country. Learn more here. It is a collaborative effort of the Center for Guaranteed Income Research and Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. It tracks pilots from places as diverse as Birmingham, AL, Tacoma, WA and Iowa.
California is funding many GI programs for youth with experience in foster care. In addition to a state run program, the following counties have programs: San Francisco, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Napa, San Mateo, and Alameda. Learn more here.


Click here for information on current efforts to expand Guaranteed Income Programs in CA.
This month, Representative Garcia introduced HR 7083, a federal bill to provide Guaranteed Income for Foster Youth Act. Learn more here.
Other Resources and Links
Freedom West Cooperative Housing provides affordable stable housing and a pathway to home ownership:
Thread is a program that cultivates and nurtures relationships with youth of a team of adults. These relationships are youth led and all supportive adults in the network commit to the youth for at least 10 years:
Black Worker Hubs are trust-based, culturally unique organizations that are critical support networks for youth who face barriers at work due to systemic oppression and stigma in hiring, promotion, and pay:
Culture is Healing: Removing the Barriers Facing Providers of Culturally Responsive Services provides examples of how culture and cultural practices are supporting healing in communities:
Prescription for Nature in Canada provides funding and a prescription to spend time in nature:
California Youth Connection Ten Point Mental Health Plan:
Woebot is an AI-powered platform that supports mental health and is paired with other supports:
Waymo provides autonomous rides in Phoenix, Austin, LA, and San Francisco:
You can watch the full conversation here:



About the On the Threshold of Change Report


As youth grapple with so many new crises in our current world, how may we harness strategic foresight to create better and more hopeful outcomes for young adults exiting foster care so they can not just survive, but thrive, by 2035? The pandemic, climate crises, new advances in technology, and changes in the economy have changed the trajectory of youth’s lives, and it is urgent that we change the systems that are responsible for youth in response.
Funded by Tipping Point Community, On the Threshold of Change is the first-ever report to use strategic foresight to develop a vision in response to the future forces that will dramatically change the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people who will experience foster care over the next decade as they make the difficult transition to adulthood in a rapidly changing world. This report is based on 1) over a decade of research on the outcomes of youth after new federal funds were made available in 2008 to extend foster care to age 21; 2) the wisdom of youth who have experienced the transition from foster care to adulthood; and, 3) the insight of experts in fields such as futurism, youth development, technology, the economy, climate change, and the role of family.
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