June 29, 2022

Promoting Racial Justice in Child Welfare: A Virtual Congressional Briefing, Part One

In this webinar, presented by the TAY Federal Coalition and hosted by the Youth Law Center, we kick off a virtual congressional briefing series on systemic racism and racial justice in the child welfare system. The series aims to provide Members of Congress and congressional staffers with the information necessary to understand the history and ongoing impact of systemic racism on children, youth, and families. The series will also highlight how current structures and policies affect families every day and the need for solutions, co-designed with those who have experienced and been impacted by the child welfare system.

Part One of the series took place on Friday, June 17th and explores the history of racism and inequity in the development of the child welfare system, the harm to youth and families, and principles for moving forward to address these inequities. Featured speakers include:

  • Alexandra Citrin, Senior Associate at Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Dr. Angelique G. Day, Associate Professor at University of Washington School of Social Work
  • David Kelly, Director, Family Integrity & Justice Works
  • Tashia Roberson-Wing, Founder of Diaries of a Black Girl in Foster Care
  • Shrounda Selivanoff, Director of Public Policy at Children’s Home Society of Washington
  • Alexandria Ware, Owner at Culture Creations Inc. and Ware Consulting LLC
  • Shereen A. White, Director of Advocacy & Policy, Children’s Rights