Amicus letter in Support of a Petition for Review

Published On: November 4, 2019

In re Alonzo M., Amicus letter in support of a petition for review by the California Supreme Court of an appellate decision that an electronic search probation condition for a minor adjudicated for an offense that did not involve the use of electronic devices was valid because there was a legitimate probation interest in monitoring the youth’s interaction with “negative social influences” in Oakland, where the youth planned to live to be closer to his job. The probation condition required the minor to submit to warrantless search of any electronic device under his control, at any time of day or night, including passcodes. The court based its conclusion on evidence in the record that the minor reported a “negative social environment” and “negative peer group” in Oakland, where he planned to live to be close to his job. The amicus letter argues that the appellate decision is contrary to Ricardo P. , 7 Cal. 5th 1113 (2019), and  will disproportionately impact youth in low-income communities.

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