Clarence M. v. Yakima Amended Complaint

Published On: March 1, 1979

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Clarence M. v. Yakima was a civil rights action for declaratory judgment, permanent injunction, damages and other relief, challenging the conditions of confinement at the Yakima County Detention Facility. Plaintiffs alleged that they were subjected to arbitrary discipline, isolation in a small, dark and unventilated room for up to 24 hours for punishment, showers within sight of staff of the opposite sex, 18 hours a day confined to individual cells, one approximately 20 minute outdoor recreation period in a month, censoring of incoming mail, inadequate medical care, inadequate education, inadequate access to counseling or to the probation counselors, inadequate sanitation and inadequate fire safety. Consent Decree and Order of Dismissal was filed on October 7, 1982, which bound the defendants to the terms of the Stipulation for Entry of Judgment that included provisions for sanitation, safety and hygiene; dress; mail; telephone; visitation; privacy; searches; exercise and recreation; overcrowding; overcrowding; physical, psychological and verbal abuse; isolation; discipline and grievances.

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