FFPSA: Advocacy and Enforcement Template Letters

A host of new “Complex Care” supports and forms of assistance have been put into place to help develop innovative, highly individualized service models to ensure young people are always in the least restrictive placement and with family whenever possible. More information about these supports is available in the California Department of Social Services’ Complex Care Resource Guide at https://www.cdss.ca.gov/Portals/9/CCR/Complex-Care-Guide-031122.pdf. While these resources are available for use by all county welfare agencies and probation departments, they are not yet widely known or understood. Advocates should familiarize themselves with the resources available and make specific requests for these services, and when possible should make requests in writing to develop a record. In order to assist attorneys and advocates in making these requests, we are providing the following templates that can be easily filled out to make youth-specific requests for these new services.

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