Hollingsworth v. Orange County Statement of Decision and Judgment

Published On: July 1, 1990

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Hollingsworth v. Orange County was a conditions of confinement case filed in state court. The issues in this case were mail, telephone calls, visitation, access to legal materials, personal property, overcrowding, exercise and recreation, imposition of discipline, and grievance procedures, using soft-tie restraints (stripping children to their underwear and tying them to the four corners of their beds) and ‘rubber rooms’ (bare rooms with padded walls and holes in the floor instead of toilets.) This case went to trial on April 16, 1990, and after a five-week trial, the court found that the detention center’s written procedure and practice regarding attorney contact was unconstitutionally vague and that the defendants’ decision making process for restraining and supervising the restraint of minors in tie-down and rubber/safety rooms violated constitutional due process.

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