Protecting Youth in the PREA National Standards

Published On: April 1, 2011

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These are public comments from youth advocates on proposed standards for the implementation of the National Prison Rape Elimination Act. Although the organizatons support many of the draft regulations, they recommend several revisions that are necessary to fulfill PREA’s mandate and protect youth in secure custody. This publication includes recommendations for the following key issues:

• PREA Coordinators
• Staffing
• Employee training
• Definition of “sexual abuse”
• Searches of transgender and intersex residents
• Housing decisions for transgender and intersex residents
• Limits on cross-gender viewing
• Victimization of LGBTI and gender nonconforming youth
• Sexual harassment
• Isolation
• Discipline
• Accommodations for youth with limited English proficiency
• Exhaustion of administrative remedies
• Audits
• Youth in adult facilities

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