Yellen v. Ada County Order of Permanent Injunction

Published On: February 1, 1985


Yellen v. Ada County was filed on behalf of juveniles incarcerated at the Ada County Jail in Boise. In May, 1982, 17-year-old Christopher Peterman was placed in the jail for failing to pay $73 in traffic fines. Over a 14-hour period, he was tortured and finally murdered by other prisoners in his cell. Another 17-year-old, Frederick Yellen, Jr., was beaten unconscious by the same inmates several days before Chris Peterman was killed. Jail records revealed that over 650 juveniles had been held in the jail over a three-year period, 42% for traffic violations and 17% for status offenses. In February, 1985, local officials entered into a consent decree ending the incarceration of juveniles in the Ada County Jail.

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