Youth Law Center Housing Resources (2020-present)

Homelessness and housing/placement instability for current foster youth, youth in extended foster care and former foster youth, are critical issues facing transition-aged youth (TAY) (ages 16-25) in California. Despite broad protections and housing/placement entitlements for youth, many youth are involuntarily exited from transitional housing before reaching the maximum age or duration of participation This resource provides […]

Fact Sheet: Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus)

Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus) is a transitional housing program designed to provide housing and supportive transitional services to former foster youth who are 18 to 25 years of age, including youth who were placed in foster care by juvenile probation. The dual components of THP-Plus include (1) the housing subsidy and services facilitated by the county and (2) youth’s […]

Maximizing Housing Entitlements for Current and Former Foster Youth

Homelessness both during extended foster care and after leaving extended foster care are critical issues facing system-impacted transition-aged youth (TAY). This resource shows how a youth may maximize their time using housing options available to current and former foster youth in California.

FYI/FUP Template Letters

Assisting young adults in securing affordable housing continues to be a challenging task. The tools included with this packet can be used as one strategy among many to help your clients access affordable housing. Please note that these strategies aim to increase your county’s use of FUP and FYI vouchers and likely will not result […]

Fact Sheet: Transitional Housing Placement for Non-Minor Dependents (THP-NMD)

The Transitional Housing Placement program for Non-Minor Dependents (THP-NMD) is a transitional housing placement for nonminor dependents (NMDs), ages 18 to 21. THP-NMD programs offer supervised, transitional housing services to nonminor dependent foster youth under the supervision of the county welfare department or the juvenile probation department. A transitional housing provider can serve youth ages […]

Fact Sheet: Transitional Housing Placement for Minors (THP-M)

The Transitional Housing Placement Program for Minors (THP-M) is a transitional housing placement for youth in foster care ages 16 to 18. The THP-M program offers supervised, transitional housing services to foster youth under the supervision of the county welfare department or the juvenile probation department. A transitional housing provider can serve youth ages 16 […]

Benefits for Young Adults – American Rescue Plan

Many young adults, including older youth in foster care, are eligible for an array of benefits through the American Rescue Plan, but many do not know about these benefits or how to access them. Economic Impact Payments, the Child Tax Credit, and the Earned Income Tax Credit, are among the benefits that young people may […]

TAY Pandemic Funding Maximization Matrix

Transition-aged youth continue to face challenges during the pandemic and recovery. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan have provided an array of funds and benefits, however, many young people and their advocates are not aware of all that is available for transition aged youth and young adults. This matrix provides […]

Ensuring Stability and Success for Youth Tenants in THP-Plus

Youth Law Center and Bay Area Legal Aid have created a new resource that we hope will be useful to your advocacy. Ensuring Stability and Success for Youth Tenants in THP-Plus was developed to help civil legal advocates initiate capacity-building conversations about transition planning with THP-Plus providers and the county agencies that oversee them. THP-Plus is a transitional program for former foster […]

Preventing Involuntary Exits from THP-Plus

Preventing Involuntary Exits from Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus) was developed after young adults reported being exited prematurely from their transitional housing programs, sometimes without notice or proper process. In THP-Plus, a transitional program for former foster youth, a quarter of program exits are involuntary. Our new advocacy guide summarizes the legal protections that young adults […]

Six Immediate Steps for THP-Plus Stability

Youth Law Center, in partnership with John Burton Advocates for Youth and Bay Area Legal Aid, has developed a resource to promote housing stability among youth in California’s Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus). THP-Plus programs provide transitional housing and supportive services for former foster youth between the ages of 18 and 24, and sometimes up to […]

Emergency Planning Toolkit for Transition Age Youth in Foster Care

Updated August 31, 2021. YLC has created an emergency planning resource to support attorneys and advocates working with transition age youth and their families during this crisis. The resource focuses on planning with TAY in foster care, but much of the content applies more broadly to all young people and their families. We hope that […]

Transitional House Program-Plus (THP-Plus) – YLC Fact Sheet

Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus) is a transitional housing placement program designed to provide housing and supportive services to former foster youth who are 18 to 24 years of age. This fact sheet discusses Transitional Housing Program-Plus.

Closing the Extracurriculars Gap: Prioritizing Extracurricular Activities as a Key Intervention for Children and Youth in Foster Care and Juvenile Justice

This Youth Law Center report describes the benefits of extracurricular participation for youth, families, and communities; highlights the legal and policy supports for extracurricular participation for system-involved youth; lists system barriers to extracurricular participation; explores ways to overcome those barriers; and makes recommendations to increase extracurricular participation for system-involved youth. The report notes that extracurriculars […]

AB 1849 – Request for Signature

Letter to Governor Brown requesting signature on AB 1849, a bill intended to reduce barriers to foster youth receiving uninterrupted Medi-Cal services as they exit care. YLC co-sponsored this bill.

Foster Care SSI Support Letter

Letter of support to SSA regarding extension of window for foster youth to apply for SSI benefits when transitioning out of foster care

Job Annoucement

YLC Announcement for a Staff Attorney with with a minimum of seven years of experience in the juvenile justice and/or child welfare system.

SB 12 Support Letter

Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in support of SB 12, a bill to provide a support net to vulnerable former foster youth under the age of 21, who were excluded in prior legislative efforts to extend foster care to youth who require the assistance and protections of the child welfare system in a healthy transition […]

Legal Rights of Teens in Out of Home Care (2014)

This booklet, based on California law, covers some of the concerns of a youth in out-of-home care, including types of placements, guardianship, independent living, role of the courts, visitation, confidentiality, pregnancy, money, religion, driving, emancipation and rights and responsibilities of youth in out-of-home care, group or foster homes

Fact Sheet: Medi-Cal Eligibility for Former Foster Youth Under the Affordable Care Act

Fact sheet on who is eligible for Medi-Cal eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA recognizes that young adults may have difficulty obtaining affordable, comprehensive health care coverage on their own. As a result, the ACA permits young adults to remain on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26. For youth […]

Transition Planning and Support for Tribal Youth – Powerpoint Presentation

This powerpoint presentation was presented during the training on Tribal Youth in Transition in collaboration with the Youth Law Center, the Yurok Tribe,the California Indian Legal Services, and the Alliance for Children’s Rights at the Yurok Tribal Community Center in Klamath California on November 20, 2013. The training covered AB 12, which extends support for […]

DHCS Responses to Advocates’ Questions

In a question and answer format, the California Department of Health Care Services Medi-Cal Eligibility Division answers advocates questions regarding the Affordable Care Act and Former Foster Youth.

What Caregivers Need to Know about AB 12 for Probation Involved Youth: Getting & Staying Eligible – A Power Point Presentation

This power point covers planning issues caregivers need to consider before the youth’s 18th birthday including permanency options (guardianship, adoption, permanent planned living arrangements) and the impact of those options on extended supports under AB 12(extended foster care, Kin-GAP, AAP) and other benefits. Special issues relative caretakers face regarding placement orders and the impact of […]

What Caregivers Need to Know about AB 12 for Probation Involved Youth: Placements – Options, Limitations & Regulations – A Power Point Presentation

This power point covers the new foster family licensing regulations and placement options for youth 18 and older. It also covers the impact of SILPS (Supervised Independent Living Settings), Transitional Housing Programs, limitations on group home placements and other AB 12 placement provisions on youth and their kinship or foster family caregivers.

Policy Brief – Transition to Postsecondary Education and Training Programs

California Foster Youth Education Task Force’s policy brief on transition to postsecondary education and training programs describes laws that support increased access to information about post secondary options and possible courses of action to help former foster youth transition to postsecondary education and training.