Institutional Care for Young Children: Review of Literature and Policy Implications

By Mary Dozier, Charles H. Zeanah, Allison R. Wallin, and Carole Shauffer Social Issues and Policy Review Volume 6, Issue 1, pages 1–25, March 2012 Millions of infants and toddlers are in institutional care around the world, care that is poorly suited to meet young children’s developmental needs. In this article, the authors briefly review […]

YLC Letter to Commissioner Susan Hamilton re Congregate Care for Young Children

Since 2009, the Youth Law Center has been working with Connecticut advocates to reduce group care, particularly for young children under the age of six, using research about the negative effects that group care can have on young children to advocate for change. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) issued a report on […]

Foster Care for Young Children, Why It Must Be Developmentally Informed

The Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry published this article entitled, Foster Care for Young Children: Why It Must Be Developmentally Informed, in their December issue. It was written by Youth Law Center’s Executive Director, Carole Shauffer, Dr. Charles H. Zeanah with the Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, […]

Policy Brief – Early Childhood Education Programs

Early childhood education programs can provide critical education and other services for children in foster care, but not all eligible foster children are enrolled in an appropriate program.  This California Foster Youth Education Task Force’s policy brief on early childhood education programs provides a list of early childhood education policy issues and proposed courses of […]