A.M. v. Holmes Amicus Brief

Amicus brief filed with US Supreme Court in A.M. v. Holmes, challenging the arrest of a 13 year old New Mexico boy for “fake burping” and laughing in class (criminalizing normal behavior)

In Re Gault – Conference Flyer

Flyer for ABA Conference on “Fulfilling the Promise of Gault – Due Process and Effective advocacy for Youth in the 21st Century. YLC is co-sponsor of this along with ABA Commission on Youth at Risk, ABA Criminal Justice Section, National Juvenile Defender Center and National Center for Youth Law.

DOJ Complaint

Complaint to the Department of Justice over Pepper Spray and Mistreatment of Youth in San Diego Juvenile Halls.

George T. Amicus

Amicus where George T., the teenager- in this case, was incarcerated for several months and made a ward of the court after giving his “dark poetry” to girls at school who interpreted it as threatening. Amicus argues the requisite elements for “criminal threat” simply were not present in this case.

Sacramento Valley Mirror’s Sex, Drugs and Violence in Tehama Juvenile Hall

YLC Attorney Sue Burrell was interviewed for this four part Sacramento Valley Mirror series that exposed alleged sexual misconduct by Tehama County Juvenile Hall staff with detained juveniles. Sue provided background information about applicable laws and regulations. The four part series ran August 19 to August 29, 2009.

Safford v. Redding Amicus

The Youth Law Center participated in this case as amicus curiae in a brief on behalf of Savana filed by the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center, law professors and juvenile advocacy groups around the country. This was the first juvenile school search case considered by the High Court in 24 years. The United State Supreme Court […]

Gang Evidence: Issues for Criminal Defense

This extensive article covers issues such as gangs in a societal context, the difficulty in defining gang activity, and issues for criminal defense which include discovery of official records of gang affiliation, search issues, gang attire, evidentiary objections at trial, gang evidence as hearsay, allegations that may arise from specific Anti-Gang Legislation, and sentencing of […]