Press Release

Press Release Regarding Opposition to Closure of Santa Barbara Juvenile Court.

Youth Participation in Court Hearings

In recent years, courts and child welfare systems around the country have recognized the importance of permanency for all foster children, including older youth, and of youth participation in decisions that affect their lives. Juvenile court officials and experts have consistently recommended that youth be present in court for permanency planning and other hearings; actively […]

Rivers v. Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa Complaint

The Youth Law Center (YLC) and the Contra Costa County office of Bay Area Legal Aid (Bay Legal) successfully completed a unique collaborative effort to restore a disabled tenant’s Section 8 housing voucher through litigation in federal court challenging the housing authority’s improper use of confidential juvenile court record information in the termination decision. The […]

Juvenile Law: Confidentiality of Records

The California Judicial Council has revised juvenile court rules governing the release of confidential records to provide additional protections for children and youth. The amended rule, which is accompanied by revised court forms, (1) requires the petitioner to show that it is likely the records will disclose relevant information; (2) requires notice of the petition […]