Legal Rights of Teens in Out of Home Care (2014)

This booklet, based on California law, covers some of the concerns of a youth in out-of-home care, including types of placements, guardianship, independent living, role of the courts, visitation, confidentiality, pregnancy, money, religion, driving, emancipation and rights and responsibilities of youth in out-of-home care, group or foster homes

Letter to CDMH and MHSOAC re MHSA

Letter requesting that the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission broaden the recommended language with respect to juvenile justice youth in the forthcoming Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) guidelines by removing the language limiting juvenile justice youth to those who are “at first point of contact” with the justice system.

Letter to CDMH re Comments on Proposed PEI Draft Guidelines

These comments are directed at one small, but important area – the language with respect to children at risk of or in juvenile justice. There are several places in the proposed guidelines where a few words would vastly improve the guidance and clarify the intentions of the Mental Health Services Act.

Youth of Color and MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention

Article about why it is critical that the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Guidelines be written flexibly enough to permit the use of funds for youth who may be past the front door of juvenile justice. Youth of color are particularly at risk of entering juvenile justice for mental health related behavior that is not […]