AB 1849 – Request for Signature

Letter to Governor Brown requesting signature on AB 1849, a bill intended to reduce barriers to foster youth receiving uninterrupted Medi-Cal services as they exit care. YLC co-sponsored this bill.

Foster Care SSI Support Letter

Letter of support to SSA regarding extension of window for foster youth to apply for SSI benefits when transitioning out of foster care

Legal Rights of Teens in Out of Home Care (2014)

This booklet, based on California law, covers some of the concerns of a youth in out-of-home care, including types of placements, guardianship, independent living, role of the courts, visitation, confidentiality, pregnancy, money, religion, driving, emancipation and rights and responsibilities of youth in out-of-home care, group or foster homes

Fact Sheet: Medi-Cal Eligibility for Former Foster Youth Under the Affordable Care Act

Fact sheet on who is eligible for Medi-Cal eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA recognizes that young adults may have difficulty obtaining affordable, comprehensive health care coverage on their own. As a result, the ACA permits young adults to remain on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26. For youth […]

DHCS Responses to Advocates’ Questions

In a question and answer format, the California Department of Health Care Services Medi-Cal Eligibility Division answers advocates questions regarding the Affordable Care Act and Former Foster Youth.