SJ Mercury News Article on SB 838

Article discusses controversial bill SB 838 “Audrie’s Law” which would create a new crime for “sexting”, reduce confidentiality in juvenile court hearings, and expand the number of juveniles tried in the adult criminal system. The article quotes YLC Staff Attorney Sue Burrell,

AB 945 (Nunez) – California Legislative Session 2003-2004

The Youth Law Center sponsored this bill, which makes it more difficult for youth being tired as adults to be routinely transferred to adult jails. The bill was enacted into law. It adds Welfare and Institutions Code section 206.7, which provides that a juvenile may be transferred to an adult jail, only if the court […]

SB 1223 (Kuehl) – 2003-2004 California Legislative Session

This is a bill sponsored by the Youth Law Center, which would have provided for resentencing of juveniles tried as adults after they serrved 10 years or reached age 25. The bill was not enacted, but years later, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized a right of review for juveniles sentencing to life without parole for […]

Mental Health Issues Facing Adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System: Part I – The Lack of Mental Health Resources, Part II – Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults

Part I explores the lack of mental health resources and services for youth in the system, and Part II discusses the mental health impact of increased prosecution of juveniles as adults (and consequent incarceration of youth in adult jails and prisons). For each issue, the scope of the problem is discussed, its components analyzed, and […]