July 21, 2008

San Bernardino Starts Baby Elmo Project

San Bernardino Probation Department held the first session of the Baby Elmo Project, a hands on teen parenting program, on Saturday, July 19th, making it the fourth county to have the program.

Here is what the Orange County Chief Probation Officer, Coleene Presiado, said about the Orange County program:

“The staff and kids at the Youth Guidance Center LOVE the parenting program initiated by the Youth Law Center in collaboration with Georgetown University. The kids have coined it – “Baby Elmo”. It has transformed the attitude and behavior of some of the most hard to reach kids that have serious histories in drug use and gang activity. The boys and girls that go through this show markedly improved interaction with their children that are brought to visiting by the maternal or paternal grandparents/caretakers. They see a reason to get out of gangs and to stay sober so they can be a provider. It gives them purpose in life and a vision of a future. The cognitive behavior related and academic achievements these youth make while in our care, enrichment through ‘Baby Elmo”, our performing arts program and ROP trades certification, these kids are in a place that is driving them to seek success.”