Jasmine Green

Pathways Student Leadership Cohort Fellow

My name is Jasmine Green (she/her). I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in San Diego, California. With around eight-and-a-half years of lived experience in the juvenile justice system, child welfare system, and adult justice system, I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work at San Diego City College. Once I complete my Associate's degree, I plan to then transfer to a university. My goal is to become what youth view as their go-to person when they find themselves facing a difficult challenge that requires assistance in navigating or an obstacle they’ve encountered that requires support while overcoming. I hope to make a long term impact by providing at risk youth with consistency, attention, and the support they deserve. I recently served as a LeX Leader (Lived Experience Leader) with FosterClub, traveling to Oregon and Arkansas to organize conferences for foster youth. This opportunity allowed me to gain hands-on experience, showing me what I have to look forward to in the future and throughout my career. I'm excited to have the chance to bring guidance, experience, and knowledge to this first ever Youth Law Center and Rising Scholars’ Statewide Youth Justice Leadership Cohort.