Maritza Lopez

Pathways Student Leadership Cohort Fellow

Maritza "Ritz" Lopez (she/her) transferred from Santa Monica College and earned her B.A. in Art History with a minor in African American Studies at UCLA. She advocated and participated in two newly launched programs in the Fall of 2019; Bruin Underground Scholars and Bruin McKinney-Vento Initiative at UCLA. The programs tackled barriers for students who experience homelessness, incarceration, and food insecurity in higher education. Lopez became involved with this line of work due having loved ones, friends, and family members with a history of incarceration. Her being system impacted her to assist community members such as being a Community Health Worker to the Re-Entry Workforce Navigator in the RISE Department at St. John’s Community Health Clinic. Lopez hopes to further her career in integrated arts, social justice advocacy, and education for the youth in the greater Los Angeles area.