Phyllis Stevens

QPI Contractor

Phyllis Stevens joined the Youth Law Center in 2016 to serve as a Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Coordinator and in 2020 moved into the role of Community Voice Advocacy Coordinator. In this role, she travels throughout the country to various sites and works with each site’s foster care program to develop a cohesive, collaborative system. Phyllis supports sites at various stages of development and works closely with the foster families at each site. Phyllis is an adoptive mom and former foster mom. She is founder and Executive Director of Together as Adoptive Parents Inc, an organization that provides support, resources and advocacy for adoptive, foster and kinship families, as well as the President of the Philadelphia Resource Parents Association Inc., an advocacy Association for foster parents. Phyllis is also on staff with North American Council on Adoption Children (NACAC) and travels throughout the state doing various trainings for them. Phyllis has won many awards locally and nationally for her work with children.