January 23, 2012

Sue Burrell and Collateral Consequences

YLC Staff Attorney Sue Burrell co-presented a workshop January 21, 2012, on Collateral Consequences of Sustained Petitions in Juvenile Court at a statewide seminar for juvenile defense attorneys in Monterey, California. With Rourke F. Stacy of the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, Sue spoke to 200 attorneys about the short and long term consequences of juvenile court involvement on youth coming into contact with the system. The workshop highlighted issues that defense attorneys need to be aware of in advising clients, negotiating plea agreements and arguing to the court, including the impact of court involvement on future employment, access to financial aid and higher education, immigration, driving privileges, public benefits and financial responsibility of parents. The presentation drew from the newly published Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings in California: A Handbook for Juvenile Law Practitioners (2011), which was edited by Sue and Rourke, and published by the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center. YLC attorneys coordinated the chapters and wrote significant parts of the Handbook as part of work in the MacArthur Foundation’s Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network. The Handbook is available from the pacific Juvenile defender Center (http://www.pjdc.org) and additional information about YLC’s Collateral Consequences work is provided in the Projects area of this web site.