April 30, 2012

Sue Burrell Presents on Ineffective Representation

YLC Staff Attorney Sue Burrell spoke at the April 27, 2012, Symposium on Ineffective Representation at Loyola Law School’s Center for Juvenile Law & Policy. With Michael Lightfoot and Steve Drizin, Sue explored the components of ineffective representation in delinquency cases. She presented research on problems in the profession that contribute to inadequate representation, including lack of training and resources, contracts that fail to spell out expected practice, low compensation and a culture in the profession that does not treat delinquency practice as a specialty. She highlighted compensation of $319 per case on one of Los Angeles County’s appointed counsel panels. The Symposium featured national experts on ineffective representation, leaders in the California delinquency attorney community, and Presiding Los Angeles Juvenile Court Judge, Michael Nash. The speakers offered a series of solutions to improve the quality of delinquency representation, including practice standards, professional training, compensation that better reflects expected work, improved structures for the employment appointed counsel, and increased oversight. One of the panels featured speakers from jurisdictions that employ these elements of quality representation.