July 9, 2010

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Two Recently Released Juvenile Justice Publications

Locked Up and Out – Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual, & Transgender – Youth in Louisiana’s Juvenile Justice System (2010)

By Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana

This report addresses how LGBT youth are funneled into the deep end of the juvenile justice system, the particular challenges that they face once there, and the lack of resources available specific to their needs. Most importantly, the report addresses policy, administrative, and programming solutions that Louisiana can employ in order to ensure a safe environment for all youth in the state’s care, and in particular those that are the most vulnerable. It proposes that advocates for racial justice, juvenile justice, and LGBT rights come together more effectively and collaboratively in the future, to ensure justice and equitable treatment for all of Louisiana’s youth.

Healing Invisible Wounds: Why Investing in Trauma Informed Care for Children Makes Sense (July 2010)

Erica J. Adams, MD, Justice Policy Institute

This paper is about the effect of trauma on children in the juvenile justice system. Significant research on the effects of trauma on youth and on its impact on youth involvement in both the juvenile and criminal justice systems shows that identifying children who have experienced trauma is either being done inappropriately or not as often as necessary. This may be leaving many of these young people without the services and treatment they need, thus making them more at risk for involvement in the justice system.