September 22, 2016

Urge Governor Brown to Sign AB 2005

Urge the Governor to sign AB 2005 so California can have more informed and careful decision-making when out-of-state congregate care is under consideration for probation-supervised youth. The stakes are high for these young people. Taking them far away from their home communities can have a devastating impact on their futures as critical links to family, school, and community are fractured and youth face greater challenges in resuming their education and work and in developing healthy life skills.  AB 2005 will guard against the unnecessary use of potentially harmful placements by requiring a higher degree of evidence that a specified out-of-state program is the most appropriate for a given youth’s individual needs and best interests and that in-state alternatives have been considered and are inadequate or unavailable.  Read more about AB 2005 in today’s Daily Journal.

AB 2005 Fact Sheet

Letter to Governor Brown Requesting Signature