July 1, 2020

Victory! Oakland Unified School District to Eliminate it’s Police Department

YLC is proud to have provided legal support to advocacy efforts led by the Black Organizing Project resulting in an unprecedented victory that will defund, dismantle and terminate the Oakland School Police Department and reallocate resources to supporting the success of Oakland children. The Black Organizing Project led a visionary 10 year campaign leading up to the Oakland, CA School District Board’s unanimous vote to eliminate it’s 67-member police department by the end of 2020 and re-invest those funds into hiring more counselors, social workers, and restorative justice coordinators who were previously let go. A committee has been formed to officially develop an alternative safety plan for Oakland Unified schools and students. Oakland is the first large school district in the nation to dismantle its own internal police force. YLC looks forward to continuing to support efforts to re-imagine a truly safe, supportive and just Oakland community for children.