April 2, 2024

Cast Your Vote Today for the Youth Law Center’s Proposal for SOCAP 2024

Vote for the Youth Law Center’s Proposal for SOCAP 2024

Our session proposal, “Advancing Climate Justice and Equity for Systems-Impacted Youth,” has advanced to the voting stage of the SOCAP 2024 conference, But we need your help to get our session on the agenda! Please vote for our session today here – socapglobal.com/session-idea/advancing-climate-justice-and-equity-for-systems-impacted-youth.

SOCAP Global is a leading thought leadership platform for cross-industry, intersectional impact work. Our proposed session is an opportunity to present aspects of the foresight work from our On the Threshold of Change project that re-envisions extended foster care to a global audience of funders, founders, and stakeholders across philanthropy, government, education, media, finance, science, NGOs, and more.

The SOCAP Global Community includes people and platforms that could be activated to ensure that children and youth in child welfare systems are represented and included in conversations about climate change policies and innovations. Please help us by voting for our session today at: socapglobal.com/session-idea/advancing-climate-justice-and-equity-for-systems-impacted-youth.

More News from the Youth Law Center

How to Build Relationships with Advocacy Organizations Webinar Featuring Jennifer Rodriguez on Tuesday, April 2

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 9:00 am PT/12 pm ET, Jennifer Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Youth Law Center, is joining a panel discussion hosted by the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) to share specific ways in which scholars can effectively work with advocacy organizations like Youth Law Center to help connect their scholarly work directly with policymakers and help inform evidence-based policymaking. You can click here to register.*

*Note: there is a registration fee of $20 for non-members of SRCD.

Youth Law Center’s Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Partner Convened Leading Experts in Healthy Adolescent Development in New Orleans

To further our ongoing advocacy to integrate developmental science into foster care and juvenile justice, the Youth Law Center’s Quality Parenting Initiative, with the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, convened leading experts in healthy adolescent development to discuss the implications of their research for the lives and treatment of teens in care in February in New Orleans. The results of this meeting, enhanced by the suggestions of youth and families who have experienced these systems, will be shared with leaders and practitioners to a new, developmentally informed perspective on addressing the needs of young people in systems.

Register for the Youth Law Center’s Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) National Conference: Teens Are Different: A Research-Based Approach to Adolescents Thriving in Families taking place on Wednesday, May 22, at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET: eventbrite.com/e/2024-qpi-national-virtual-conference-registration-836316383817.