March 11, 2015

YLC Challenges Juvenile Court Order Turning Youth Over to ICE

The Youth Law Center has applied for leave to file an amicus brief in a second juvenile case pending in the California Court of Appeal in which the juvenile court ordered the youth turned over to federal immigration officials.   The youth fled Honduras in 2013 to escape gang violence and the threat of gang indoctrination.  He was arrested in 2014 and immediately admitted to possession of a controlled substance.  Although his attorney asked that he be placed in a foster care or juvenile facility, the juvenile court ordered him detained and transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  The amicus brief argues that the juvenile court’s disposition was not authorized by state law, that the court misunderstood the requirements of federal immigration law, and that the court failed to consider the youth’s best interest.  Keith L. Wuster of Baker & McKenzie, LLP is representing YLC in the matter.

Amicus Curiae Brief