February 21, 2014

YLC Supports Therapeutic Foster Care Bills

YLC has joined a long list of national and state organizations to support federal legislation designed to ensure that children and youth in foster care will have access to vital Medicaid services and quality providers.  S. 1992 and H.R.4016 are bipartisan, bicameral bills, also known as the Quality Foster Care Services Act of 2014.  They will clarify that Therapeutic or Treatment Foster Care (TFC) is a Medicaid service that is available for a highly vulnerable population of the children and youth involved in the child welfare and foster care systems: individuals with disabilities, medically fragile conditions and/or mental illness.  TFC is an evidence-informed, trauma-informed placement for children and youth with serious medical, psychological, emotional and social needs. TFC provides services to approximately 40,000 foster children with severe mental and behavioral health conditions within a family-and community-based environment.

Letter supporting S. 1992 and H.R. 4015