April 24, 2013

YLC Testifies on S.B. 260 – Sentencing Review

On April 22, 2013, Staff Attorney Sue Burrell testified in the California Senate Appropriations Committee in support of S.B. 260 (Hancock).   The bill would provide a review process for juveniles tried as adults after they serve 10 years in prison.   It provides a process responsive to the U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Graham v. Florida and Miller v. Alabama, and the California Supreme Court decision in People v. Caballero in providing a meaningful opportunity for release, and the ability to present evidence of maturity and rehabilitation. Youth Law Center is a co-sponsor of the bill, with Human Rights Watch and the Friends Committee.   At the April 22nd hearing, the bill was placed on “suspense” because of costs, but it will be taken up later in the legislative session.   The Committee analysis recognized that there may be offsetting savings because it would provide a more orderly process for handling review, and also would result in savings even if a relatively small percentage of youth have the length of their sentence reduced.

Here is a link to the April 4, 2013 version of S.B. 260.