November 10, 2016


YLC to Honor Unsung Heroes on December 12, 2016

Each year the Youth Law Center recognizes people who have made a difference in the lives of our clients during the past year at its Loren Warboys Unsung Heroes Reception.  This year’s honorees have helped improve the lives of children and youth involved in the nation’s foster care and justice systems.  It is our pleasure to honor:

Sade Daniels, Advocate and Former Foster Youth.  For her dedicated activism using her talents and experiences to reform foster care policy, practice and culture to ensure the most vulnerable youth receive the love, protection, high expectations and opportunities needed to thrive. Sade has been integral in YLC’s efforts to support developmentally appropriate care for teens in foster care.

Robert Garcia, Assistant Executive Director, Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative.  For his passionate and dedicated work to ensure that other juveniles sentenced to life sentences receive the encouragement, caring and human care needed to cope and heal. Robert was released under S.B. 260 2 years ago and able to dedicate himself to working toward a more humane justice system after being incarcerated at 16 and serving 20 years.

Tracy Schiro, Assistant Social Services Director, San Luis Obispo County DSS.  For her visionary leadership transforming County child welfare policy and practice to meet the developmental needs of children and youth in foster care through refocusing on excellent parenting and being a California Quality Parenting Initiative champion.

Lee Seale, Sacramento County Chief Probation Officer.  For his trailblazing leadership in Sacramento’s probation agency to ensure the educational success and aspirations of youth in and out of detention.

Please join us in honoring this year’s Unsung Heroes on December 12, 2016 by registering for this event by clicking here.   In keeping with the spirit of the event, admission is free.  To offset the cost of the event, we welcome donations.