September 4, 2019


YLC's recent federal lawsuit featured in San Francisco Chronicle

YLC has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco for the unlawful incarceration of a minor, who at thirteen years old was held in locked custody for eleven days after a judge had ordered her released. This is YLC’s second case on behalf of African-American families whose children have been unlawfully held in locked custody in San Francisco. Click here to read the full article in the San Francisco Chronicle about both of our cases and our efforts to close SF’s juvenile detention facility.

“Unfortunately, this case is not an isolated incident. It reflects a disturbing pattern in the Juvenile Probation Department of treating a child’s incarceration not as a matter of crisis, but as a matter of course… The Juvenile Probation Department’s disregard for the basic rights and dignity of youth should not be tolerated.” -Meredith Desautels, YLC Staff Attorney