Bohler v. Anderson Order Granting Writ of Mandate

Published On: November 1, 1997

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Bohler v. Anderson was filed in June 1997 over the failure of the Department of Social Services to develop a system for deciding where to place abused and neglected children. The state spends between $1100 and $5000 per month per child on group home care, depending upon the intensity of care needed for troubled children. Because of the lack of a system for determining placements, in many instances children who needed a minimal level of care were placed in more intensive placements, and vice-versa. This failure was harmful to the children who were placed in intensive, costly placements with others who could present a danger to them, as well as to children who were placed in group homes unable to meet their special needs. Although the state legislature had ordered the department to develop an effective placement system by July 1994, defendants had not complied with the law. On November 9, 1997, the court ordered the Department to develop and implement a system for assessing children by July 1, 1998.

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