Nick O. v. Terhune Stipulation and Order

Nick O. v. Terhune was a federal class action challenging the failure of the defendants to provide appropriate special education and related services to youth confined at the California Youth Authority. Judgment was entered on May 7, 1990, in which the defendants agreed to ensure that all class members would be provided with a free appropriate public education, including special education and related services, in the least restrictive environment consistent with their unique needs in compliance with federal and state laws. The CYA subsequently hired approximately 100 new teachers and educational administrators, and greatly improved screening procedures for incoming wards. However, because of ongoing concerns about compliance with the terms of the settlement, particularly the provision of special education services to youth in lockdown units, the Youth Law Center monitored the terms of the settlement with respect to the N.A. Chaderjian, Fred C. Nelles and Heman G. Stark Correctional Facilities until January 31, 2001, when the stipulation and order to extend court supervision expired.

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