September 25, 2019

YLC leads training at PJDC 16th Annual Roundtable

YLC staff attorneys Meredith Desautels and Erin Palacios led a workshop this weekend with Laurel Arroyo from the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office at the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center‘s 16th Annual Roundatble Conference on the need to keep youth in their communities. The workshop, titled “Leveraging Group Home Reform to Keep Youth in their Communities”, educated defenders on how to use the statutes regarding child-family team meetings, case plans, and foster care placements as tools for advancing community-based alternatives and avoiding both group home placement and custodial commitments. Participants were able to review some of the biggest changes in the law and strategize on how to use the statutes to keep youth home with their families. Thank you PJDC for including YLC in this year’s Roundtable!