Child welfare


Materials on adoption of children from foster care, including adoption assistance.

Babies / young children

Materials on child welfare policies and practices that affect children under the age of 6, including congregate care and child development programs.

Foster care

Materials on policies and practices that affect children in out of home care through the child welfare and juvenile justice system, including federal and state requirements designed to prevent foster care placement, protect children from institutional abuse or neglect, and ensure that children in foster care receive the care and services they need.

Foster parents

Materials on the rights of foster parents and initiatives to support foster parents and improve the quality of care children receive in their homes.

Permanency planning

Materials about permanency planning for children in foster care who cannot be returned home safely.

Realignment of resources

Materials about realignment of child welfare funding and responsibilities from the state to local governments.

Relatives / kinship care

Materials about the rights of relatives when a child is involved in the child welfare system and support for relative caregivers.