A.B. 490 / foster care education

Legal outlines, policy briefs and other materials related to the implementation of AB 490, a comprehensive statute that addresses the unique educational needs of foster youth enrolled in California schools.

Alternative education

Materials related to the disproportionate, and often involuntary, placement of juvenile justice youth, foster youth and other “at risk” youth in low-level alternative schools.

English learner / migrant / homeless

Materials related to the unique educational needs of English Learner, migrant and homeless youth, including materials related to ensuring that foster and juvenile justice youth within these sub-groups are properly identified and have access to appropriate services.

Enrollment / re-entry

Materials addressing the school enrollment rights of juvenile justice and foster youth, including advocacy tools to challenge policies and procedures that may deny them their right to immediate enrollment or basic access to educational services.

No Child Left Behind / other funding

Materials related to the federal No Child Left Behind Act (“NCLB”), 20 U.S.C. § 6301, et seq., which provides funding to states to meet “the educational needs of low-achieving children in our Nation’s highest-poverty schools, limited English proficient children, migratory children, children with disabilities, Indian children, Neglected or Delinquent children. . .” and other funding sources that address the unique educational needs of juvenile justice and foster youth.

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Materials focusing on education-related policies and practices that push students, especially youth of color and other “at-risk” students groups, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. The folder has three separate sub-folders related to: discipline/truancy; gang-profiling; and law enforcement in school.

Special education

Material related to the educational rights of youth with disabilities and/or those identified as individuals with exceptional needs, with a focus on special education students within the juvenile justice system.